Trail: Wobegon Trail

Description: This is a trail in central Minnesota running from St. Joseph through Avon, Albany, Freeport, Melrose, and continuing to Sauk Center, with approximately six to nine miles between towns. It's 10 feet wide, so two skaters can skate side-by-side and allow for oncoming traffic. The trail from St. Joseph to Avon opened in 2003, as well as the 9.4 mile spur from Albany to Holdingford. The trail from Avon west opened in 1998.

Getting there: There are trailheads in some of the towns along the route:

Length: 46 miles from St. Joseph to Sauk Centre, plus a 9.4 mile spur between Albany and Holdingford.  It's generally about six miles between towns.

Difficulty: Easy -- mostly flat and straight, though there's a slight uphill between Albany and Avon. St. Joseph to Avon is flat with a gentle uphill ending in Avon. For those who want to "open it up", this 9 mile stretch is fast with minimal cross traffic.

Popularity/number of other users: The section from St. Joseph to Avon and on through to Albany is relatively popular, mostly with families on bikes. Albany to Freeport is less busy. Neither section is terribly crowded, and we would expect sections north of there to be similar.

Surface conditions: St. Joseph to Avon is very smooth. Avon to Albany has some snowmobile stud damage right down the middle of the trail, so your left skate is always vibrating a bit. It's annoying at first, but you get used to it.

Scenery: St. Joseph to Avon has gently rolling farm fields, wetlands, and don't be surprised to see deer, and turkeys! Avon to Albany is the most scenic -- a must-see.  Albany to Freeport is flat and runs along the freeway.  Freeport to Melrose goes into the country again.

Nearby restaurants: The towns along the route should have typical small-town restaurants (at least Freeport, as mentioned).

Water: Available from convenience stores near trailheads, but not available outside the small towns.

Other nearby trails: Not mentioned.

Comments: This trail has really nice scenery and is definitely worth checking out.  It's probably the nicest scenery of any trail in the area.

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