Trail: Purgatory Creek Recreation Area

Description: Eden Prairie has recently (as of 2005) built a trail just west of Eden Prairie Center. It surrounds a wetland area on either side of Purgatory Creek.

Getting there: Take Highway 5 west from 494 in Eden Prairie. Exit at Prairie Center Drive, the first exit after 494, and then turn right (south) at the stoplight. You will see the Purgatory Creek Recreation Area pavilion and trailhead on the right, at the south intersection of Technology Drive and Prairie Center Drive.

Length: The main loop around the wetland area is about 2.5 miles. On the south end of the trail, there is a spur following Purgatory Creek to Staring Lake, about 0.6 mile. There is also a spur going west along Technology Drive for about 0.6 mile.

Difficulty: Easy. The trail is flat and smooth, and reasonably wide. The only potential hazard is from twigs or the occasional stray rock on the trail.

Popularity/number of other users: Although the trail is new, it is already attracting attention from walkers, bikers, and some skaters. Expect this trail to be pretty popular.

Surface conditions: The surface is very smooth. It was completed in July of 2005.

Scenery: Plenty of nature in the wetland area -- it almost makes you forget how busy Eden Prairie can be. You'll be reminded of all the development once you reach the east side of the loop, though.

Water: Available at the parking lot and pavilion at the corner of Technology Drive and Prairie Center Drive.

Restaurants: There are plenty of restaurants just north of the park in the Southwest Station development, including Bilimbi Bay, Ruby Tuesday, Culver's, Bear Rock Cafe, and Chipotle. The Eden Prairie Center area, just east of the trail, has more restaurants than you can count.

Other nearby trails: There is a trail around Staring Lake, but this trail is in very bad condition and not skateable. It is in bad need of being rebuilt. If this trail is ever rebuilt, this would make an excellent addition to the loop.

Comments: A well-built trail that is fast becoming popular with Eden Prairie residents and workers.


Link: Eden Prairie Parks and Recreation

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