Minnesota Inline Skate Club Trail Reviews

Trail: Lake Nokomis and Minnehaha Parkway

Description: This trail is an exciting route that goes around Lake Nokomis and follows Minnehaha Creek.

Getting there: To get to Lake Nokomis: Take Highway 62 east to Cedar Avenue North, take a right on East Minnehaha Parkway to 22nd Avenue south and take another right, then right again on Nokomis Parkway. Park at the Lake Nokomis Main beach pavilion. To get to the Minnehaha Parkway trail, take Highway 55 (Hiawatha Avenue) to 46th Street in Minneapolis, turn east on 46th, then turn south on Minnehaha Avenue. Parking is available where Minnehaha Parkway crosses over Hiawatha.

Length: About 3 miles around Lake Nokomis. The Minnehaha Creek trail is about 5.8 miles from Minnehaha Park to Lake Harriet.

Difficulty: Easy for the most part.  It is fairly flat terrain barring a couple of hills on Minnehaha Parkway, which only make the trail more interesting. The hill at Lyndale Avenue is the most significant climb.

Popularity/number of other users: This trail is very popular especially on warm summer days as both bikers and inline skaters use it.

Surface conditions: Very good. The Minnehaha Creek trail was repaved in 2002, and the Lake Nokomis trail was repaved in 2004.

Scenery: This trail is an excellent combination of excellent scenery and great people watching. It affords a nice view of the lakes and the parkway is very wooded and rustic, with the added touch of the creek gently flowing by.

Nearby restaurants: There is a concession stand at the main beach on Lake Nokomis and a concession stand in Minnehaha Park. The Lake Nokomis area also has Fat Lorenzo's and the 5-8 Club just south of the lake on Cedar Avenue.

Water: There is water at the main beach at Lake Nokomis, at the Minnehaha Park pavilion, and at the junction with Lake Harriet.

Comments: The diversity of the scenery is the highlight of this trail.


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