Trail: Lake of the Isles

Description: This trail goes around Lake of the Isles, which is just southwest of downtown Minneapolis.

Getting there: The lake is just north of Lake Street and just west of uptown Minneapolis. From Hennepin Ave S, go west 5 blocks on 26th Ave S, or from Hwy 100 south of I-394, go east on Hwy 25 past the point where it merges with Lake Street and goes around the end of Lake Calhoun, then turn left at E Calhoun Pkwy/E Lake of the Isles Pkwy. There is parking along the parkway most of the way around the lake and also along the streets adjoining the parkway.

Length: Just under 3 miles.

Difficulty: Easy -- the trail has been newly repaved and is now flat and smooth. The pedestrian trail is currently under reconstruction, as of October 2005, so you may find runners and walkers on the bike/skate portion of the trail.

Popularity/number of other users: Expect this trail to become popular again now that it has been rebuilt.

Surface conditions: Very good -- the trail was recently repaved in October 2005 and is now flat and smooth. There may be construction debris, such as rocks, on the trail.

Scenery: Lake of the Isles is scenic with large areas of grass and marsh between the trail and the lake. There are many large homes along the parkway around the lake. It is noticeably more removed from the hustle than its neighbor, Lake Calhoun.

Nearby restaurants: The Uptown area is adjacent to the east side of the lake and downtown Minneapolis is just a few minutes away.

Water: There are two hand pumps around the lake. The pump on the west side has normal well water but the one on the east side has discolored water that isn't very good (as of April 2, 2000).

Other nearby trails: Lake Calhoun is just to the south with a connecting path that goes under Lake Street. The Kenilworth Trail (the new branch off the Cedar Trail) is just to the west but not directly connected -- some street skating will get you there. The Midtown Greenway runs just south of the lake and connects to practically everything.

Comments: Now that the trail has been repaved, it's worth skating again.

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