Trail: Como Lake, St. Paul, MN

Description: This trail loops around Lake Como in St. Paul. It has nice scenery, and is centrally located for the people in the east metro.

Getting there: From the west, get on Como Ave. and head east. Hard to miss, as about in the middle of St. Paul, Como Ave. almost "dead ends" into Lake Como. From the east, (any east St. Paul suburbs) get on Maryland Ave. and go west, again Maryland "dead ends" into Como Lake.  From the north one can get on Lexington Ave. at Lexington and Highway 36 and go south one mile to find Lake Como, or from the south (Interstate 94) one can go north on Lexington 2 miles and "run into" Lake Como.

Length: About 2 1/2 miles around the lake on the bike trail.

Difficulty: Easy to Intermediate.  There are two "downhills" which might present a little challenge to a beginner, although you can see them coming up, and there is plenty of grass to walk down on.

Popularity/number of other users: This has a moderate number of bikers and hikers, but it wasn't  crowded on a May Sunday.

Surface condition: About 50% of the trail was repaved in 2002 and is in good condition. Other parts are not yet repaved, and may not be in such good condition. OK for recreational, but a little obnoxious for speed skating.

Scenery: Nice lake, nice pavilion. Well-kept homes and lots of trees.

Nearby restaurants: There is a new coffee shop in the pavilion.

Water:  Available at the pavilion.

Comments: This is a "family" oriented area. Good for recreational skating.

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