Trail: Battle Creek Regional Park

Description: This trail begins at Battle Creek Regional Park and has two parts. The trail that follows Battle Creek is across the park and is on the other side of McKnight Road. The other trail is a wooded wetland trail that is across Upper Afton Road.

Getting there: Take Hwy 94 East to White Bear exit and go south, go to Upper Afton Road and take a left. Follow Upper Afton Road past McKnight road and you will see Battle Creek Regional Park on your left.

Length: About 4 miles of paved trails.

Difficulty: Intermediate. The trail that follows Battle Creek is largely downhill, but there is only one way back and that is uphill, of course. The wooded wetland trail across from Upper Afton Road is fairly flat for the most part.

Popularity/number of other users: This trail is a fairly popular two way path that is shared by bikers, hikers, inline skaters (the minority), kids and dogs.

Surface conditions: Excellent/Fair - The trail that follows Battle Creek is newly paved and is an excellent surface. The path on the other side of Upper Afton Road is a medium grade and is littered with twigs, rocks and other natural debris.

Scenery: The scenery along these two trails is simply awe inspiring, and might make it worth the trouble of navigating around kids, dogs and hikers.  The trail along Battle Creek is a winding trail that follows the creek, passes numerous wood bridges and a couple of small waterfalls. The trail across Upper Afton Road is very wooded and marshy. One can hear the music of crickets and frogs quite clearly.

Nearby restaurants: On the corner of Hwy 94 and White Bear Avenue there is a Davanni's and The Ground Round.

Water: There is water available at the beginning of the trail at Battle Creek Regional Park.

Comments: The high point of this trail is the scenery.  The pedestrian traffic, as well as natural debris, would inhibit most speed skaters. This is probably the reason there aren't many inline skaters on the trail. It is only for the truly adventurous at heart.

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